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Commutator Application

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An important part of the DC motor and AC commutator motor armature. The motor rotates when it rotates. It is a component that is commutated as a current on a DC motor or an AC series motor. It is commonly called a commutator in order to allow the motor to continue to rotate.

As an indispensable and important basic equipment in industry, transportation, national defense and daily life, the downstream industry contains almost all national economic basic industries. As one of the core components of the motor, the commutator is also growing with the development of the motor industry.

The direct current is converted into a low-frequency square wave to supply the power supply electrode, and the square wave signal measured by the measuring electrode is turned into a device for pulsating direct current.

Mechanical commutators are used in multi-line logging tools. Adjustable frequency 8 ~ 23Hz. Moreover, the measuring circuit commutator is turned on and off earlier than the power line commutator to reduce the induced interference caused by the change of the front and rear edges of the low frequency square wave in the measuring circuit.

In addition, there are electronic commutators with wet reeds. Regardless of the type of commutator, the contact indirect flashing circuit is used to protect the contacts and reduce interference with the measuring track.

The commutator includes: mechanical commutator, semi-plastic commutator, all-plastic commutator. The commutator used in the automotive starter mainly uses a mechanical arched commutator and a plastic commutator.

Structurally, the commutator is a plurality of contact pieces that are rounded and connected to each of the contacts on the rotor. The two electrodes connected to the outside are called brushes, and only two of them are contacted.

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